Sober October


Hello Friends

Tomorrow, I begin my Sober October in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Won’t you please support me and this great cause?

You can show support by joining me in going sober but, if you like your beer and wine too much, you can donate instead and help me reach and surpass my modest goal.

For details and to donate, please check out my personal page:

Thanks for your support

Joh =)


Baby Shower Onesie

A Co-worker of mine is nearing the end of her pregnancy and will be leaving on her maternity leave in a matter of couple of weeks.  It is an exciting time for her.  We hosted a work baby shower for her to wish her well and present her with a small token of good luck.   I had the pleasure of making the cake for this event.

I decided to make a cake in the shape of a onesie.  Since the mom to be did not know the sex of her baby, the buttercream was neutral in colour.  The cake flavour was strawberry shortcake.

image001 IMG_8755 IMG_8752 IMG_8756

IMG_8753 IMG_0271 IMG_0272

Best wishes J and we cannot wait to meet your little one!! =)


Birthday Cake Bonanza – July

This month’s cakes come from another request for a Snickers cake and my desire to try making a popular Pinterest pinned cake.

This Snickers cake was much smaller and had vanilla cake layers instead of chocolate and just simple chocolate buttercream all over.

IMG_8746 IMG_8748

A popular cake to make is a chocolate well cake.  Often Kit Kat is used along with M&Ms.  I used cookie wafer fingers and an M&M, Reese’s pieces mix.  A little bow for good measure!

IMG_8739 IMG_8743 IMG_8744

Happy Birthday July Babies! =)