“Good Apple Pies…

…are a considerable part of our domestic happiness” – Jane Austen. 

Imagine an apple pie, fresh from the oven.  The pie crust is flaky and buttery.  The apples in the filling are hot, yet still have some crispness and taste of brown sugar and cinnamon.  Then top it off with a scoop of pure vanilla ice cream.  Oh yeah, Jane Austen speaks the truth!.

Week 1 – Apple Pie 

Other than eating apple pie, my experience is very limited.  My instructor vowed to prove we could all make a pie and not just any pie, but a GOOD pie.  He speaks the truth as well. 

Pie dough is just pastry flour, shortening, water, salt and brown sugar.  The trick to a flaky pie crust is to mix all the dough ingredients together with as little handling as possible.  The less kneading of the dough the better.  Then let it rest for a while. 

I was very impressed with the ingredients we were given access to.  The boxes of beautiful Golden Delicious apples made choosing easy.  Not one rotten apple.  Time was spent peeling, coring and slicing the apples.  “Thick, even slices”  we were instructed, “You want people to know there are real apples in your pie!” 

I am not very good at rolling out dough, but eventually I was able to get two circles of dough that fit the pie plate.  We packed the apples and after cutting a vent, laid the top crust.  We sealed the crusts so nothing would “bake-out”, egg washed and sugared the top then into the oven it went. 

I think the unintentional off centre vent I cut gave the pie some character. It was bliss.

I promised a pie to a few people.  I guess I better get on that…   =)


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