J’aime Bavarois

Week 5 of class was all about Bavarian Cream and Cream Caramel.  Bavarian Cream is a type of custard made with whipped cream and gelatin.  For this class we made chocolate Bavarian cream but it can be flavoured with vanilla, coffee or fruits.  I especially enjoyed eating it with strawberries. 

The method involved bringing milk to a boil, eventually adding to it sugar, gelatin, eggs and melted dark chocolate.  Fold in some whipped cream, pour into cups and then into the fridge to set. 

While waiting for the Bavarian cream to set we worked on the cream caramel which is a custard baked in a mold lined with melted sugar.  We began with melting the sugar.  Very important to add the sugar in layers, allow to melt to a nice golden brown and keep stirring.  Round one of sugar melting = FAIL.  As our instructor pointed out simply, “burnt sugar tastes bad, start again.”  Round two = SUCCESS.  We then lined the bottom of ramekins with the melted sugar. 

After that we mixed together eggs and more sugar until blended, Then vanilla and milk was added and mixed slowly until incorporated.  We poured this mixture into the sugar lined ramekins and baked in a water bath until the custard was set.

I’m sorry that I am unable to show you any pictures of the cream caramel flipped over with the melted sugar on top, but none of the custard made it to plates.  We couldn’t wait to just dig in.    =)


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