Fun With Flan

The word flan makes me laugh.  Say it with me, Flan, Flan, Flan.  But making flan is no joke.  Flan is work!

A flan is a tart with a filling of custard or fruit. For week eleven’s class, we made a fruit flan.  We began by making the dough for the crust also called sweet paste.  This consisted of sugar, butter, vanilla, milk, baking powder and pastry flour.  We creamed all the ingredients together to make a dough which we kneaded and rolled out on a floured surface.  Did I mention  that I suck at rolling out dough?  Eventually, I was able to get the dough round and big enough to fit into a tart pan.  It was then baked to a golden brown. 

Part two involved making the vanilla pudding.  We boiled milk and mixed in cornstarch, sugar, vanilla and eggs.  We let it cook for about a minute then laid it to rest.  The goal is to make sure a film doesn’t form on top, so we covered it with plastic to prevent this. 

Part three was to make sponge cake.  A simple recipe only involving eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla and bread flour. The eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla were whipped for about 20 minutes until foamy but firm.  We then folded in the flour by hand and then poured the batter into cake forms and baked them. 

Now time to assemble the Flan, Flan, Flan!  We layered the crust with the vanilla pudding, making sure it was even and smooth.  We cut the sponge cake to fit the crust and layered that on top of the vanilla pudding.  We were given strawberries, peaches, kiwis and mandarin oranges to work with.  We were able to arrange the fruit in any way we wanted.  It was important to layer evenly and ensure there were no gaps between the fruits.  An apricot glaze was washed over the fruit and toasted almonds added as the last touch. 

Say it with me one last time…Flan, Flan, Flan!  =)


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