Swiss Rolls Are From …Germany?

Or Hungary or Austria but not from Switzerland.  Also known as a jelly roll, a Swiss roll is essentially a sheet of thin sponge cake that can be layered with either jam, butter cream, chocolate or whipped cream, rolled and then sliced. 

For week ten, we made lemon and raspberry jam filled Swiss rolls with real whipped cream.  The sponge sheets were made with eggs, sugar, salt, bread flour and lemon and vanilla to taste.  We whipped the eggs and sugar for about 12 minutes until they were light but compact.  We then folded in sifted flour by hand until it was well incorporated.  The batter was then poured into wax paper lined bake sheets and baked for 8 – 10 until golden brown. 

The sponge sheets were firm to the touch but moist in texture and had a hint of lemon flavouring.  We let the sheets cool slightly, then spread on a thin layer of lemon or raspberry jam.  On top of the jam, we spread a layer of real whipped cream.  The sponge sheets were then carefully rolled up. 

The Swiss rolls were then masked with whipped cream with any excess removed to make for a smooth looking surface.  The bottom edges of the cake were coated with toasted almonds.  It was then time to flex some decorating muscle.  Using a piping bag and star tip, we piped rosettes and lines along the cake and used more jam to add accents. 

My German is a bit rusty but Die Rouladen waren sehr gut    =)


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