Did You Say Dutch Dreams?

LOVE ice cream.  I’ll have it for breakfast, I’ll have it in the winter when it is minus 30 outside.  Seeing the ice cream truck makes me clap with joy.  I even keep a tub on hand at work at all times!  As someone who enjoys ice cream this much, I am always on the search for the best tasting ice cream around. 

I am lucky to have been introduced to a place called Dutch Dreams.  Located at 78 Vaughan Road near St. Clair and Bathurst, it is a must stop if you call yourself an ice cream aficionado.  It is so popular that there are lineups out the door that could rival any you would find in the Entertainment District on a Saturday night downtown. 


Butter Pecan & Gold Medal Ribbon 


I love the kitschy decorations they have all over the place.  Who can’t help but smile at the sight of little garden gnomes swinging from the rafters or the cow figurines scattered everywhere.  But I digress, this is about ice cream and all things related.  For about $5 you can grab yourself 2 scoops of your choice, topped with whipped cream, fruit and a waffle triangle.  Flavours range from blue “Spiderman” inspired ice cream to fruity flavours like watermelon and black cherry (highly recommended) to standards like mint chocolate chip (one of the best I’ve tried) or butter pecan (Friday night’s fave).  Their dark chocolate ice cream is a fistful of fudgyness. They make cones doused in nuts and chocolate or how about trying their homemade waffles?  The portions are super generous and really nice to look at with the extras they add-on.  The banana split was a sight to behold. 

Oy, I could rave about this place forever.  It is truly a happy place for me.      =)


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