Joh vs. Food : Colorado

I love to travel and experience the food a location has to offer.  My goal every time I go away is, for the most part, to try food and go to restaurants that are specific to where I am visiting.  This vacation took me to Colorado to visit some friends who live there.  There was no shortage of opportunities to eat and when possible, I took advantage. 

Location: Coors Field to watch the Rockies play the Dodgers

I was most impressed by the variety of food available – standard burgers and hot dogs, but you could get  burritos, or perhaps some italian food and how about some fresh roasted nuts.  Knowing that I had a big dinner coming up that night, I opted for a foot long brat smothered in sauerkraut, onions and peppers.  Brat in one hand, beer from the Blue Moon Brewery in the other and the game in front of us.  How perfect!  Followed by gelato, it was a great day at the park.  On a sidenote, the Rockies won in extra innings! 





Location: Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

Who would not enjoy grilled meats carved tableside by Brazilian Gauchos?  There were various salads and appetizers available to us, but they were just fillers distracting us from what we were there for: MEAT!   We sampled tons of meat including Assado – Brazilian pot roast, Alcatra – Sirloin Steak, Coracao – Grilled chicken hearts sprinkled with lime, Frango agri-doce – sweet & spicy chicken and our favourite of the night Bife Con Alho – beef basted in garlic.  The grilled pineapple helped with the meat sweats we started to feel. 

Location: Mt. Evans:  in a little family style restaurant along the way.

Sadly, at the time I ordered this, I was suffering a little from some altitude sickness due to being over 14000 feet up.  I had a few bites of my turkey club sandwich but had to stop due to some nausea.  But, I did get to eat it the next day for breakfast and it tasted even better than the day before!

Location: The Mall (lol)  – Chick-Fil-A

I don’t think this needs explanation.  It really is a bit lame, but I’ve never eaten at one before and really only like them because they used cows in their ads.  Cows are my favourite animals in case you are wondering what cows have to do with any of this. 








Location: Estes Valley – The Stanley Hotel

Known for its architecture, magnificent setting and famous visitors, this haunted hotel played an inspirational role in Stephen King’s novel “The Shining”.  It boasts amazing views in every direction.  Today we decided to stop for lunch outside on the patio.  I had the hunter’s meatloaf – Pecan wood bacon wrapped elk, buffalo and boar with baby carrots, garlic potatoes, peppercorn brown gravy and french green beans.  Best meatloaf I have ever had!!

Location: Town of Golden – Blue Canyon Grill

Swiss burger with sweet pots and fish tacos.  Perfect after a few beers across the street at the Coors Brewery!










Location: Denver – The Buckhorn Exchange –

Denver’s oldest steakhouse and featured on Man Vs. Food – This meant a I HAD to go!  We sampled some alligator tail, grilled duck breast rubbed with lavender and pepper and served with a raspberry red zinfandel sauce, sirloin game tips – choice cuts of beef, buffalo and elk sautéed with fresh mushrooms and Rocky Mountain Oysters.  Don’t know what that is?  Google it!  I liked them!  It was a little odd eating all this with some game heads staring at me.  Check out Bambi and his friend in the corner.  Sorry, pic is a little dark.


Location: Colorado Springs – Pikes Peak

World famous donuts.  Only made atop Pikes Peak, altitude 14110 ft.  Reminded me of Tiny Tom’s only not tiny. 








Location: Downtown Denver – Earl’s

After a few days of meat meals, I was beginning to crave some lighter fair.  While visiting downtown Denver we stopped in at Earl’s for lunch.  Just a simple spinach and berry salad, grilled chicken with a fruity dressing and goat cheese.  Totally satisfying. 

Location: Downtown Denver – The Cheesecake Factory

2nd last night and we were out and about downtown.  Stopped in at the Cheesecake Factory.  Still on a salad kick so I went for the Carlton Salad.  Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, feta, avocado, organic dried cranberries, raisins, pears, oranges and pecans tossed in a vinaigrette.  Of course, I ordered cheesecake after – pineapple upside down cheesecake. 





Location:  Not sure where we were, but it was called Snooze,

Last breakfast in Colorado.  A better choice than IHOP  – International House of Potatoes (lol).  I went for the pancake flight –  3 pancakes of my choice from the list.

#1.  Blue Mesa Pancakes – blue corn and buttermilk pancakes made with fresh summer corn topped with pinon butter and chili spiced maple syrup.

#2.  Sweet Potato Pancake – with homemade caramel, pecans and ginger butter.

#3.  Blueberry Lemon Bar – buttermilk pancakes, griddled with fresh blueberries and oatmeal topped with noosa honey yogurt sauce and whipped lemon butter.

FYI – #2 was my fave

Location: Joe’s Crabshack

My last night in Colorado.  Although my friends opted for buckets of crab, I decided on the Maui Mahi grilled and glazed in Malibu coconut sauce and topped with mango pico. 

Location: Whole Foods

Somewhere along the way we ended up with these little goodies.  I kinda hope Whole Foods in Tdot has these…

I have been home for a couple of weeks now but the great memories of my trip to Colorado still linger.  I am indeed still suffering some P.V.D – Post Vacay Depression.  I loved every second I spent there and miss it and my friends  – M & J –  very much.

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