Joh vs. Food : CNE

Every year I anticipate the last two weeks of August when the Canadian National Exhibition opens up –  While many go there to play games or get dizzy on rides, I am there to eat. 

The CNE food building is my happy place and I have been known to spend an entire day or two sampling all that it has to offer. 

This year’s visit was short and sweet, but still just as fun.  Thanks to my “photographer” for taking the pics.  =)

Now, every year, there is always hoopla about some new food item at the CNE.  One year it was deep-fried Mars Bars, another it was deep-fried butter.  This year, the Krispy Kreme Burger made its debut.  I was intrigued. 

Timestamp: Approx 6:30PM.  Mission Krispy Kreme Burger.  Mission: Incomplete – the line up was too long.  Instead, picked up some fried clams, perogies and a cabbage roll.  These items are generally main staples in my CNE diet.  A must have every time. 

Timestamp: Approx 7:30. Mission: Krispy Kreme Burger. Mission: Incomplete – Lineup was even longer than before.  D’oh!!! Instead, picked up a swiss waffle with ice cream, “original” Philly cheese steak sandwich and some fries. 

Timestamp: approx 8:15.  Mission: Something deep-fried.  Mission: Complete.  Behold a deep-fried Twinkie, deep-fried Oreos and heck, let’s throw in some strawberry and mint chocolate chip ice cream too!!








I will now take a moment to let you know that aside from the Krispy Kreme burger, I was also on the hunt for deep friend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a stick.  How elusive this item turned out to be.  Did I end up getting it?  Keep reading…..

Timestamp: approx 9:30 Mission: Krispy Kreme Burger.  Mission: Complete.  The line up had died down by this point and I was ready and excited to get my burger.  For those not sure what a Krispy Kreme burger is, allow me to explain.  It is a hamburger, with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, sandwiched between a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.  I asked for bacon because let’s face it, everything is better with bacon…or so I thought.   I waited in line, anxious to get my burger.  I was all smiles as they handed it to me. 


I unwrapped my burger, looked it over and took a bite.  The meat was juicy, the vegetables crisp and the donut fresh.  I was thinking there would be a nice contrast of salty from the burger and bacon against the sweetness of the donut.  I won’t lie, I was wrong.  It was GROSS!!!  The donut glaze was overpowering and with each bite, I really felt like spitting it back up.  Overall opinion of the Krispy Kreme burger…

Timestamp: Approx 1030.  Food building is closed.  I am disappointed in my Krispy Kreme burger experience and looking for redemption.  Walking around the CNE grounds, it is very easy to be distracted by the bright lights and shouting people.  When searching for food, it is very important to read the signs on every booth passed.  Did I read correctly?  Is it? Yes!! Deep fried peanut butter and jelly!!


Now, my CNE food exploits did not stop there.  I did end up having a chance to go again.  By this point my body was quite upset with me for feeding it so much junk the visit prior, I thought I would take it easy.  My goal that day was to try The Behemoth.  I won’t lie however, I also had some more perogies, cabbage rolls, one more Twinkie, an Oreo and some Tiny Toms Donuts but I swear I only wanted the Behemoth.  I just can’t control myself. 

The Behemoth, also made by the same people who brought us the Krispy Kreme Burger, consists of a hamburger with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  Yes, of course, I asked for bacon.  Was there really any doubt?  Can I tell you, this burger totally made up for the Krispy Kreme debacle.  Mmmmmm, Behemoth….


Only 333 days until the CNE opens up next year.  I guarantee I’ll be there to try the next new thing!!


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