I’ve Got A Lovely Set of Coconuts…

…And some Bananas too!

I enjoy a good banana cake. A nice warm slice of plain banana cake perhaps with some chocolate chips mixed in. Or even with a simple cream cheese or butter cream icing. Nothing too overpowering as the banana flavour should not have to fight with anything else. Just my opinion. Today’s class found us making a banana layer cake with German icing.

The cake batter incorporated the standards such as cake flour, brown sugar, white sugar,butter, eggs and of course bananas. Once baked the it turned out springy and golden.

While the cakes cooled we started on the German Icing which is essentially made of coconut flakes and lots of them. Mixed in a saucepan with some butter, sugar, egg yolks and evaporated milk we then heated on the stove until we ended up a thick, gooey sweet spread. We decided to change it up a little and melt some chocolate into the icing. We then poured it out from the saucepan onto baking sheets to cool and thicken some more.

This cake was intended to be rustic looking and did not require much finishing. We simply layered the icing between two layers of cake and topped it off with some more German Icing. And voila!

Now my verdict. As I indicated earlier, I like a good banana cake. What I did not mention is that I do not like coconuts. This German Icing is usually paired with a German chocolate cake and to see it paired here with this banana cake was a surprise.

I found it a bit overpowering against the bananas cake. Because we heated the evaporated milk, it had the sweet taste and feel of condensed milk and of course there is the distinctive flavour of coconut. Both parts have their merits, but perhaps are best left separated. =)


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