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What in the world are Alfajores? Simply put, they are shortbread cookie sandwiches with a dulce de leche filling.  They have their origins in Moorish Spain but are extremely popular in South America. I can thank my friend Ed for inspiring this week’s baking adventure.  These cookies are for her and to help celebrate her recent birthday.  Happy Birthday Ed!

I began by making the Dulce de Leche which is a sauce that is thick like caramel but is milk based.  I took whole milk, sugar, some baking soda, salt and a little corn syrup, poured it all into a big pot and boiled it.  Boiled it, stirred it, boiled it, stirred it, boiled it some more.  I stood and did this for a little over an hour and fretted every second that I would over boil and it would burn.  To my relief it did not burn.  In fact it turned out perfectly.  A thick, sticky, sweet, caramel coloured concoction that is Dulce de Leche.

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Part two is making the shortbread.  I’m no stranger to making shortbread.  Remember from back in July?  But for this recipe I stuck with traditional ingredients.  No whole wheat in these parts today.  Just all-purpose flour, butter and castor sugar.  I molded a dough ball and let it chill for an hour before rolling it out and cutting with a round cookie cutter.  I baked for about 10 minutes and then let cool. 

Once cooled, it was time to assemble the cookie sandwiches.  A dollop of dulce de leche between two shortbread cookies and then into the fridge to set.  

Did my friend like them?  =)


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