Cookie Grams for Charity

Every year, the company I work for sponsors needy families and helps to bring a little Christmas joy into their lives. In partnership with Moorelands – – a community services charity that helps kids from Toronto’s poor and under served neighbourhoods – my company pulls together to buy basic necessities, toys, games and other presents for 3 different families.

Fundraising is an important part of this and it is often challenging to find ways to encourage people to donate money they have worked hard to earn. This years fundraising reached its end this past week and I am proud to say I helped to raise funds by doing what else….baking.

We held a bake sale to which I contributed Mini Oreo bottom cheesecakes and thumbprint jam cookies.



I also sold cookie grams. Those who purchased had the opportunity to buy them for themselves, their friends, families and co-workers. I packaged the chocolate chips cookies on sticks, wrapped a ribbon around them and attached the little notes people wrote to each other. Can’t wait to deliver them on Monday!!


20111203-221636.jpg. A big thank you goes out to everyone at the office that participated. I’m sure the Families will appreciate all the items they will receive from us this Christmas. =)


5 thoughts on “Cookie Grams for Charity

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      Thanks for your comment. It feels good knowing that we may have brightened up the holidays for a few people.

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