Terrific Tiramisu

Week 7

I thought it was really cool that for this recipe we were able to make the lady fingers as opposed to just opening up per- packaged cookies. It was easy to make them. Eggs whites, sugar, egg yolks and cake flour were the main ingredients. The egg whites and sugar were whipped until stiff but not dry peaks were formed. We then added the egg yolks to that and mixed by hand. Lastly, we folded in the cake flour. Once mixed, the mixture was put into our piping bag and using a #5 tip, we piped out a couple round cake layers for the middle of the cake and enough lady fingers to line up around the cake. We baked the lady fingers for about 10 minutes.


Now for the filling. Lots of whipping to make the filling. First step was to whip cream just until soft peaks formed. We set that aside and proceeded to whisk sugar and egg yolks that had first been heated, until it hit ribbon stage and looked pale in colour. We then folded this mixture with mascarpone cheese which had been softened by hand. I had no idea how firm a cheese mascarpone is! The whipped cream was folded in as well. We then had to whip egg whites and sugar, again just until soft peaks were formed. The egg whites, gelatin, water and some brandy were added to the cheese mixture.

Assembly time! First we had to prep a cake ring. We plastic and foil wrapped the bottom of the cake ring. Then a layer of acetate or clear plastic film was used to line the cake ring so that the cake would not stick. One of the cake layers was placed on the bottom and the lady fingers were lined up on the sides of the cake ring.


We soaked the bottom cake layer with espresso syrup and then filled the ring with some of the mascarpone mixture. The second cake layer was added, again we soaked it with espresso syrup and the rest of the filling was added to the top. The cake was now ready to be chilled and let to set.


To finish the cake, one could use chocolate shavings or just cocoa powder.


This class showed me that although there are numerous components to making this cake, so long as you stay organized, a tiramisu cake is not difficult to make at all. It was just as good as any one bought at a store!!


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