One Pot Surprise Beef Stew

I have never thought of myself as a good cook. I can bake well, but I am a mediocre cook though I do enjoy it. So one cold night I had a craving for some beef stew. I luckily had most of the ingredients on hand. I love anything that only involves one pot, thus I love stews.

I browned some stewing beef cut into cubes with some minced garlic. I seasoned with some salt, pepper, rosemary and Worcestershire sauce. Once browned, I threw in some chicken stock, (could use beef stock, but chicken was on hand), a little water, a couple bay leaves and a cup of red wine – I had some Malbec on hand. I let it go to a boil and then simmered for an hour.

After an hour I added some mini potatoes and brought it to a boil again for about half an hour more. In the last 15 minutes I added some mini carrots and mushrooms. I like my vegetables to retain a little bit of their crispness and not become too soft.

I was pleasantly surprised by my end result. It was flavorful and the meat tender. I had a great lunch the next day! =)




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