Marble Cake Madness Part 1

It started with a simple question : “Hey do you take business requests?”
“Yes, I do. What did you have in mind?”
“I would like a cake for my son’s baptism party”
Gulp. “Sure, I can do that…”

There it was, my first big request. I’ve been fortunate to have people ask me to bake desserts for them for their special events before. But it has always been for relatively easy items that were foolproof to make – cookies and muffins – and usually for a smaller group of people.

My friend was looking for a cake for her son’s baptism party. After I explained that I wasn’t that skilled yet at decorating fancy cakes, I was relieved to hear that she didn’t want anything fancy, it wasn’t as if this was for a wedding. A simple cake enough to feed 40 people. Holy crap 40!

She decided a chocolate marble cake with a chocolate glaze would be good enough to satisfy the crowd. Decision made, it was all me now. I had never baked a large cake before. I did not even own a cake pan big enough to bake a large size cake in. Step one was to purchase a cake pan. Luckily I was able to find an 11x15x2 in pan AND a 12x18x2 inch pan both on sale for 40% off at Michaels…I love when I get things I really need on sale… SCORE!!!

I decided a practice cake was needed first. Because I was making a cake of larger size I had to increase the ingredient measurements. Note to self 8 cups of flour, 4 cups of milk, 2 cups of butter, 3 cups of sugar and 8 eggs plus baking sugar, salt and vanilla do not mix together well in a standard kitchen stand mixer. Being in a hurry to bake doesn’t help either.


Eventually this mess ended up in my pan looking like is:


I used cocoa mixed with some of the batter to get the chocolate marble of the marble cake. And once out of the oven it looked like this:


It wasn’t pretty but looked better sliced up:


Consensus at work about the taste was mixed. Some liked it, while others thought it was bland. I knew exactly how I was going to change it my next time out.

See part 2…

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