Marble Cake Madness Part 2

I learned much from my first marble cake experience and I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish this 2nd time. It had to be good, this one was going to be on display.

I wanted this cake to be less dense and more moist. To accomplish this, I used less egg whites – 5 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks. I wanted a more buttery cake so I added half a cup more butter. I wanted a sweeter cake but I didn’t add more sugar, I simply melted some milk chocolate, mixed it with some batter and used that to help with the chocolate marble. No cocoa this round.

This is how it looked pre-oven:





This cake was definitely an improvement. Amazing even golden colour. Nice marbling on top. Buttery sweet taste – I skimmed some bits and pieces that stuck to the pan. I was ecstatic.

Time to finish the cake. Glazing time. I melted some Lindt 70% dark chocolate, butter and a bit of cornstarch in a double boiler. And then poured it over the cake. The leftover glaze made great fondue!


The final product:


I was proud of my creation. It wasn’t perfect, but still an accomplishment for me. My friend told me it was a hit and that was all I needed to hear. =)


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