Ice Cream. Happy

I am having a bad afternoon. I need a break and think that some ice cream will work wonders. But I am not feeling for some boring grocery store ice cream, I want the good stuff.

I have just done a google search and am going to go here:
Cool Hand Luc

A quaint ice cream shop on King West by Brant Street. I’m here now eating some Creme Brule and Bordeaux Cherry ice cream. Super creamy, real cherries and not too sweet.



Apparently this place has been here since the summer. They serve about 18 flavors and it varies. Today’s menu has such flavors as black forest cake, bear claw, caramel snappers and standards like vanilla and cookie dough.

They also make grilled cheese sandwiches and soups for lunch. A way for them to keep business when ice cream sales slow during cold weather. And the people who work here are super nice too. I think I’ll be back for more for sure.

I’m a tad happier now. TGIF.


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