Happy Birthday Princess C

My friend’s daughter turned 3. Like many little girls her age, C is all about princesses right now. My friend asked if I could bake C a birthday cake, specifically a princess themed cake. I’m not one to turn down a chance to practice so of course I said yes. This is me making my first princess cake!

So remember, it began with this: Hmmm

Next was to bake the cakes:


Next I did some slicing:


And then some whipping:


Yes, it is a strawberry shortcake princess cake.

Assembly time. Cake, whipped cream, strawberries, repeat.


Now the fun part – Decorating!

So Barbie goes in the middle. Pink whipped cream icing all around:


Using my piping bag and a small star tip, I covered the bodice of the doll and added some blue trim:


Some more blue trim and silver balls for some shine:


And then you have a princess cake!!



I won’t forget how wide C’s eyes became as I bought the cake to the table. She was so excited. She knew it was a Barbie immediately and loved the crown. She was amazed that she could eat cake and get a doll too. She asked for seconds so I think my cake was a hit.

Happy Birthday Princess C!! =)




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