I’d go Nuts

I really needed today. As much as I hate waking up early and commuting downtown in nasty weather to get to my class, I never regret it in the end.

Baking has become so much of who I am and without it, I think I would go nuts. Even more so than I already am…
In any case, baking and taking these classes is my saving grace when I feel low. Thank goodness for today.

Speaking of nuts, one of today’s recipes was chocolate pecan bars.

We started by making a crust using bread flour, butter and sugar. We pressed the mixture, which looked like Parmesan cheese into a pan and baked for about 15 minutes. In the meantime we made the topping.

Eggs, pecans, chocolate chips, butter, corn syrup and sugar. Oh yes, this is a sweet treat.


The topping was then layered on top of the crust and baked in the oven for about 35 minutes.

This is what it looked like just out of the oven.


It still needs some time to cool off and set before eating, so my commentary on how it tastes will have to be posted later.

The other recipe we made today was chocolate cornflake crunch. It was a “one bowl” recipe so I was loving it. We melted butter, sugar, white and dark chocolate in a medium saucepan. Once melted we added cornflakes and coconut – we know how I feel about coconut – and mixed it together until the dry ingredients were all coated. Then we poured into a pan, smoothed it out and put into the fridge to set. How easy!!

I did manage to eat some leftovers from the saucepan and despite the coconut, found that it tasted pretty good. I think next time I’ll try making it with rice krispies instead. I suppose it would be like my peanut butter balls only in bar form.


More pics later. I’m trying to make use of my commute time by blogging a bit. Unfortunately, I won’t be slicing these treats up on the streetcar. It will have to wait until I’m home!

Stay tuned =)


Pecan bars = super sticky and super sweet. I prefer to leave out the chocolate chips.


Chocolate cornflake bars = I like these better




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