Winterlicious 2012 – Horizons


Winterlicious is back! YAY!! What a great way to try out different restaurants around town for less. This year I dived in head first and tried to make as many reservations as possible. I LOVE going out to eat with my friends. There’s something about being with people I care about, catching up over a meal – big or small – that makes me happy.

With much disappointment, reservation #1 at Joe Badali’s fell through. Sometimes work gets in the way and there’s nothing one can do. Sigh.

After a week I’d rather forget, I was looking forward to reservation #2 at Horizons. Located on the Look Out level of the CN Tower , Horizons offers a spectacular view of Toronto and Lake Ontario from a vantage point of 1136 feet above ground.

I have not been to the CN Tower in years. It was exhilarating and slightly nauseating going up in the elevator. I’m a bit afraid of heights but it was amazing to look out the window and rise above the city. But enough about the view. This is about food and penny press machines, but more about that later…back to food!


For $15, one could select an appetizer, main course and dessert. My meal was selected as follows:

Appetizer: Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon Terrine

Creamy goat cheese contrasted against the smoked salmon. It was fresh and a nice start to the meal.

Main course: Newfoundland Fisherman’s Pot Pie



Buttery pastry. Rich cream sauce. Delicious fish, shrimp and scallops. Mmmm….

Getting full now, but there is always room for dessert: Dark chocolate lava cake with Lindt chocolate ice cream.


Anything ice cream I love. The lava cake was rich and decadent.

Lunch done, we became tourists in our own city for a bit.

View down from the glass floor.


Lake view to the island airport.


City views. I can see my office building!



Pressed pennies…another reason why I wanted to go to the CN Tower. Lol.


Had a great time hanging with my peeps from college. Fantastic lunch. Tons of laughs today. Good times. =)


Stay tuned for more Winterlicious updates.


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