Blondies or Brownies…you pick!

I cannot get over how much fun I am having in my bars & squares classes. Each class I laugh and it doesn’t feel like work. On top of that, the recipes turn out well, we get out fairly early and sometimes even come home with spare ingredients, enough to make another batch of bars. It’s great!

In this class we made pecan blondies and fudgey walnut brownies. Standard fare in the bars & squares world I’d say. And very easy to make. I’m all about simplicity.

Scaled out. A counter top full of ingredients.


We begin the blondies by creaming butter and sugar together and then adding eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, nutmeg and salt. We throw in some pecans at last.


Then we spread the mixture into our cake pans and into the oven they go to bake for 30 minutes.


The brownies are mixed completely in a saucepan. We melt butter, chocolate and corn syrup on the stove. Once all is melted, we take it off the heat and stir in sugar. Once the sugar is incorporated we add eggs and vanilla in a steady stream making sure to keep whisking. At last the flour and walnuts are added and everything is stirred until well mixed.


Into the oven it goes…


Voila we eventually have baked blondies…


And brownies…


The blondies had a nice crispy top crust. It was sweet and nutty and the nutmeg flavour really stands out.



We made a glaze for the brownies and slathered it all over the top.


Once cooled and cut it was ready to be eaten.



The brownies were decadent and the walnuts gave it a nice crunch. A great way to satisfy my brownie craving.

Next class we veer away from chcolate and work on some fruity bars. Stay tuned! =)


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