WooHoo Giants!…..but I still heart Brady.

Aw yeah Giants! Another Superbowl weekend has come and gone. I do enjoy watching all sports. I am not a complete ignoramus in that I know which team is which and I know the rules. But I’m not as much of a super fan of sports as I used to be. Believe it or not, there was a time when I was I could tell you who played where, who scored what, who got traded, who was injured, who won, who lost blah, blah, blah. Not so much anymore, but I still enjoy watching. What I enjoy even more are Superbowl parties.

The last few years, a friend of mine has hosted a Superbowl party in his home and once again we all met up to eat junk, drink a beer or two or three, watch the game and debate questionable calls – “he totally had possession and two feet on the ground!”
“No, he didn’t!”
“Yes, he did!”

Not only is this a chance for me to see some of my fave peeps and hang out, but it is also a chance for me to bake something and have some fun.

This week I seem to have been very focused on brownies and chocolate. Seeing as it was Superbowl Sunday, I went with a football theme and made some football brownies and a football cheesecake. My friend really likes cheesecake so I made this one with him in mind. Nothing complicated. Just some fun food.

Football Cheesecake

As always we start with my 4 ingredient cheesecake. For a crust I used mini Oreo cookies. I call it my lazy cheesecake crust.

I made a milk chocolate glaze and evenly covered the top making sure none ran over the edge. I wanted a neat cheesecake.


All that was left was to pipe the football lines and then you have a football cheesecake.


Looks like it was enjoyed…


Football brownies
I made some fudgey brownie batter, baked and cooled it. Once cooled I cut out some little football shapes.


Again I made a glaze, but this time I used some dark chocolate instead.



With the glaze dry, again I just piped on some football stripes and they’re done.


Looks like I scored a touchdown. Until the next Superbowl Shindig!! Yay Giants!! =)

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