Egg Salad Sandwich Crusade

So currently there are three items I want to eat all the time – sushi, hummus and egg salad sandwiches – not at the same time, but all the time.

I know some good sushi places so I’m good there. I can make my own hummus and be quite happy. It’s a good egg salad sandwich that evades me.
The other day I bought a ready made sandwich from a gourmet grocery store near work. The bread was dry and the egg salad flavorless.
Today, a co-worker recommended the egg salad at Select Sandwich. What did I have to lose…

Egg salad on dark rye with lettuce and cucumber.


Portion side = acceptable
Bread = soft
Vegetables = fresh
Egg Salad = creamy but not overly doused in mayo. Not overly bland. Acceptable but not fully satisfying.

Anyone know of a place that makes a good egg salad sandwich in Tdot? I’d make my own, but frankly, I just don’t feel like it. =)


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