Comfort Food

Some days there is nothing like having some comfort food. Something traditional, hearty and satisfying. Think chicken soup when you are sick or a thick stew on a cold winter’s day. Comfort food could be a special dish your mom makes. It is food that fills the belly and makes you feel good.

My comfort food of choice tends to be meatloaf. It’s simple and tasty if made well. Add some veggies, mashed potatoes, gravy and a glass of wine and we’re in heaven. Other than a small diner or mom and pop shop, it is rare to find meatloaf on a menu. When I’m craving meatloaf I usually end up at The Pickle Barrel. A typical chain restaurant but my go to place for comfort food.

These days, always a Malbec from Argentina:


Meatloaf! Not the singer.


Under the mashed potatoes is some more meatloaf. I ate it all. Oink oink.


A sweet ending. Brownie sundae. I’m all about brownies these days too!


Can we say food coma!? =)

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