Pho Tastic

Weekends are always busy – class, baking, writing, errands, chores, friends and family – the last thing I ever feel like doing is cooking. But sometimes hitting up big restaurants isn’t the most prudent thing to do either.

This is why I really enjoy Pho restaurants which serve hot, fresh and quick food that is filling but won’t hurt your wallet. These restaurants typically specialize in Pho which is a Vietnamese noodle soup served with beef or chicken. Generally, bean sprouts, lime, mint leaves and Asian basil are added as garnishes. Aside from soups one could order other noodle, rice, meat and seafood dishes inspired by Thailand and Vietnam.

This night I didn’t really know what I wanted to order. I wasn’t feeling Pho or my usual dish of vermicelli, chicken, salad and spring roll. After several indecisive minutes, my friend opted for congee which is a type of rice porridge served with meat.

I went a bit boring and just went for some fresh shrimp rolls with peanut sauce and grilled beef on rice. I just love the sauce they give you. I totally soak my rice and meat with it. Sooo good =)

The condiment station at table 18. Lucky 18!



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