Off The Hook

Off the hook can be taken as slang to describe something that is fresh, cool, happening or amazing. How fitting because the place I am writing about now is all that and more.

Off The Hook located at Broadview and Danforth in Toronto is not your ordinary fish and chips spot. The menu is expansive. Crab cakes, scallops or panko shrimps to start. Soups or salads. Specialty poutines. They even deep fry candy bars!

Not just the standard halibut at this place. Choices also include mahi mahi, sea bass, or red snapper. Have it grilled or more traditionally battered in their organic house batter, gluten free or Cajun batter. Served with onion rings or fries or better yet sweet potato fries and a serving of creamy or vinaigrette coleslaw. Slather the fish in any number of their homemade sauces with names like walking wasabi or the sizzler. Don’t worry they make a homemade tartar sauce too, but I say go for the garlic sauce for the fish and chipotle mayo for the sweet pots. Wash it all down with a cold beer.

Off The Hook does not over batter their seafood. You actually get to see and taste the fresh fish. They use a more flavour full red onion for their onion rings. The sweet pots are abundant and both types of coleslaws are a great contrast against all the fried goodness.

I dig the sea bass the best of all and usually order the onion rings. Tried the garlic sauce for the first time. Good choice!

This, my friends, is what I call a great fish and chips night!! =)


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