Bobby Flay Bakes?

Baking songs of the day:
Body Work – Morgan Page f. Tegan & Sara
Fight For You – Morgan Page

So I picked up this magazine a couple of weeks ago:


Flipped through and found a ton of desserts that I wanted to bake. Thought I would start out with what I found on page 124. Bobby Flays peanut butter cream filled devils food cupcakes. I didn’t know he touched anything other than meat! Who knew?!

In any case, the cupcakes looked delicious and I decided I wanted them. Sifted flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and some salt together.


Creamed some butter and sugar together then added the eggs.


Slowly added some of the flour mixture, soy milk (substitution) and vanilla. Kept mixing. Then added some hot coffee and the rest of the flour.


Oven time. 325 for 25 minutes exactly.


Probably the best looking cupcakes straight out of the oven I have ever made.



I had to try one right away.

Light and fluffy. Not too sweet. Nice cocoa flavour. Yummy!

Made some peanut butter icing. Yes, that’s Costco sized peanut butter. I am a fan.



Now, the Bobby Flay recipe called for filling the cupcakes with the peanut butter mixture and then glazing with a chocolate ganache. I won’t lie, I got super lazy and just decided halfway to just finish the cupcakes by making cute designs on top. Gave me a chance to practice my piping bag skills and also I am slightly over making chocolate ganaches and glazing stuff. Time to give it a rest.


I just played around, no theme or desire to make them all look the same.


Pretty, I think!

Decorating is not my forte….yet.

I HAD to try another one. So yummy! =)



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