Bake Class…at Home

Baking Tunes:
Carrie Underwood – Good Girl
Santigold – Creator
Santigold – You’ll Find A Way

So…was a bit lazy this fine Saturday morning. Had a late Friday night and just decided that sleep and an afternoon visit with my friend and her kids – Princess C and Little Oh Henry – was more important. Besides, I’ve never been the perfect student…

But then the guilt set in. Probably should have gone to class. Well I put that guilt to use and decided to hold bake class, on my own, at home.

In today’s “class” I made Lemon Squares.

Started as always by scaling out my ingredients.

Here’s a little secret, I don’t do this normally when i bake at home. I measure as I go and rarely ever prepare my ingredients beforehand. But in the spirit of class, I scaled out today. It actually is much more efficient to do so.

So there is always a base when it comes to a bar recipe. For this one, the base is made of butter, icing sugar and bread flour. I substituted with whole wheat all purpose today. So I took this mixture:

20120225-230448.jpg and pressed it into the baking pans like so:


The base had to be baked for 20 minutes so in the meanwhile I made the topping – eggs, sugar, lemon juice, bread flour, baking powder and lemon zest. All mixed together:



With the base done, nicely tanned:

20120225-230942.jpg I poured the topping on top :

Back into the oven for another 30 minutes, just until the topping looked set and wasn’t jiggly anymore.

Baked and now left to cool before cutting.

Look at this golden colour!

I can smell the heavenly scent of sugar and melted butter.

Crispy base and outer shell. Creamy, custard like middle with a hint of tarty lemon to contrast the buttery sweetness.

OH MY WORD….I ate 4 of them!! Mmmmmmm….. =)



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