Joh vs. Food : Arizona

I have just spent the last week in Mesa, Arizona for a work trip. Let me begin by saying that this post is less about eating good food, and more about the interesting and different things I encountered on my trip that do not exist for me at home.

My flight was slightly delayed landing in Detroit leaving me little time to catch my connecting flight to Phoenix. By now the afternoon was passing and I was famished and fading fast. Rushing to the gate I was forced to stop at the closest fast food place. I ended up at Popeyes. I haven’t eaten at a Popeyes in a long time. I am pretty sure their ordering system is unique to this airport location but I was a little unnerved to see I had I order using a touchscreen machine. I am not a fan of self serve checkout points of any kind.

Order entered, I ended up with this:

20120311-173652.jpg Not really sure what I picked, but I’m sure those were onion rings and a really cold sandwich of the chicken kind. I ate it too quickly to really care.
Check out the cool utensil dispenser.


4 hours later:

Landed and hungry. After picking up the rental and checking into the Holiday Inn Mesa, to the hotel restaurant we went. Ordered a club sandwich and fries.

Sandwich was decent. The avocado was a nice touch. Fries were cold. Oh well.

Breakfast each day looked like this. By weeks end the plate only consisted of sausage, toast and fruit. Missed out on the waffles from day one. Thought they would be there all week. Darn!


I believe many people know this cow:

20120311-210604.jpg It’s the Chik-Fil-A cow. I ordered a chicken and fruit salad with a balsamic dressing and waffle fries. One of the better meals of the week.

20120311-210809.jpg Eat Mor Chikin!

When in the US, I like to stock up on candy and some junk food I can’t find here. I came across these cookie canisters. I can buy Oreos here but not in these cup holder cups!!

Also available in Chips Ahoy and Teddy Grahams.
Check out my candy haul!


Back to the hotel for some dinner grub. Praying this meal was better than day one. And… It was. Pasta a la Mesa:
White wine cream sauce, spinach and lots of cheese.

A couple friends of mine asked me to bring them back some hot sauce. And did I ever…

20120312-220233.jpg Not sure how hot any of these are but this week, hot sauce is the theme.

Has anyone seen these ketchup packs?

You can dip or tear and squeeze! Ah…it’s the little things in life that amuse me.

I love the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bear. He’s all ready for Easter!


Arizona Mills foodcourt meal of the night:

Gyro pita and crinkle fries from Nathan’s.

Lunch the next day. I forget what the place is called but I ordered the Fajita Salad. Chicken and beef, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and sour cream in a crispy tortilla shell. This was divine!


Another mall meal. In and Out burger. My first time. It was ok. Did you know they only have 3 combos you can choose from? A double double combo, a cheeseburger combo or a hamburger combo. Talk about keeping it simple.

I opted for the cheeseburger combo.

Down to my last night in AZ. Bar night at Harp’s, Dana Park Plaza. A really nice area. A good night with a few pints of Blue Moon and some bar food.




20120312-221856.jpg This last one came as a surprise to me. Spicy cheese fondue with pretzels and apples. The apples tasted amazing with the cheese! Who knew!

Now for the grand finale and hi-light of my trip. Remember my great gingersnap search, a few posts in the past? Well, I flew Delta again and got my cookie snacks. My fave gingersnap that I have longed for since last summer. I got my fill and found out I could order them online.

Happy I found my cookies. Happy to be home =)


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