San Francisco Tidbits – Day Two

Day two in San Fran brought with it the Giants game and Alcatraz.

Had great seats to the game along left field and got to watch the Giants beat the Brewers 4-3.


What’s a game without a hot dog:


And a cold beer:



Something I wish the stadium in my hometown had was more diversity in game day food. These US stadiums know how to feed their fans – Mexican, Italian and even Chinese food take their place beside hot dogs and French fries. I even saw loaded garlic fries, bring out the mints!! Or better yet, a S’mores sandwich just waiting to be grilled in the panini press:


I decided to partake in a beef brisket sandwich:


Juicy, tender beef brisket, a pickle and some mustard – the mustard dispenser was near empty, which explains the mustard blobs.

Back from Alcatraz and no food for about 4 hours meant a late dinner back near the hotel. Decided to hit up Lori’s Diner , a diner that seemed to appear all over the city. Decorated in the style of the 50s with juke boxes in the booths and bright cars:




I opted for the Snapper Piccata – snapper in a lemon sauce with capers and veggies:


Day two is done, bring on day 3!


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