Birthday Mini Cupcakes – May

Baking Tunes:
Amnesia – Ian Carey & Rosette
Curiosity – Carly Rae Jepsen
Mahna Mahna – The Muppets

At the end of each month, my workplace celebrates birthdays by partaking in cake or cupcakes. I was asked last minute to bake the birthday cupcake treats for May and I accepted excitedly. I have not baked in a few weeks and this was a great way to get back to the oven.

I was specifically asked to bake mini cupcakes, any kind I wanted, 100 of them. It is not easy to bake for a crowd. You have to consider the volume issue – how many batches do I need to make? The time issue – how long will it take me to bake, decorate and pack up the treats? And probably the most important question – what am I going to bake in the first place?

I decided to keep it simple. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. A bit boring I know, but seeing as this was last minute, vanilla and chocolate one bowl cupcake recipes were the way to go. I was forming a vision.

100 Mini cupcakes. They are all mixed up in the container.


I always have a problem with inconsistently sized cupcakes or muffins. The easiest solution was to use a cookie scoop. Basically an ice cream scoop but smaller. One scoop in each mini cupcake liner. Voila! Uniform finished product.

My initial vision was to fill the cupcakes with raspberry preserves and then ice them with simple buttercream icing and add a few sprinkles for colour.

Filling anything works well when they are fresh out of the oven and only slightly cooled not the day after after they have set. You need the cupcake to still be slightly pliable in the middle so that when you inject the filling with your piping bag, the filling can flow in easily. I am not a fan of cutting out a hole on top and filling it that way, replacing the top and hiding with icing. That’s just too much effort and if you know me, I’m all about the path of least resistance.

So after trying to inject some raspberry and realizing I was getting nowhere, I had to change my vision. I thought instead I would use plain buttercream on the chocolate cupcakes and make an orange buttercream for the vanilla cupcakes. I began to make my icing and thought, wow, how plain as the mixer did its thing. Hmmmm, hold on. How about a raspberry buttercream icing!? So be it!


Chocolate cupcakes iced. Silver sugar ball to top it off.




50 mini cupcakes later, I still had a ton of raspberry icing left. I was not about to waste it. Goodbye orange buttercream idea. Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream. So be it. I loved the look of the one sugar ball on top. I think they looked a bit elegant. As much as sprinkles scream happy birthday, I was opting out of sprinkles today.



Happy birthday May babies! =)


2 thoughts on “Birthday Mini Cupcakes – May

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      I’ll have to let you know. I have to transport tomorrow…they are in boxes…5 of them…should be interesting.

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