Mexican Lasagna Ole!

It’s summer potluck day at work tomorrow. I’m always looking for a reason to make something. I’m bringing Mexican lasagna!!

Ingredients – ground chicken, corn, black beans, onions and tomatoes


Sautéed the onions first


2 pounds of ground chicken is added and left to cook. Salt and pepper. I then added some hot chili pepper and cumin. Then the corn and black beans are mixed in.



The mixture is left to heat up and then the tomatoes are added. A bit more salt and pepper.


Once nicely heated through, it is time for assembly. I cut up some spinach tortilla into triangles.



Meat, cheese, tortilla, repeat until the layers reach the top lip of the container. For cheese I used a blend of cheddar, mozzarella and Monterey jack with jalapeño peppers.



Once all layers are set then into the oven just until the cheese gets all gooey and melty.





Top with scallions and it’s ready to be eaten!

I tasted the filling and it had some nice kick to it. You gotta have some spice. The corn and tomatoes offset the spice nicely and beans add good texture. I plan to have sour cream and some guacamole as accents. Hopefully the office likes it. =)


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