Dulce Bombe

Took a trip out to Woodbridge Friday night to check out Dulce Bombe Cafe and try out their Italian bombe pastry – aka an Italian doughnut with a filling.

What to pick? Choices, choices. My friend and I decided to split a dozen bombettes – mini donuts
Flavours selected:
Chocolate peanut butter
Apple & Caramel

The pastries are made to order, so while waiting for our dozen, I decided to try out some gelato.

I opted for the banana. Was pleasantly surprised at the creaminess and flavour. Did not seem artificially flavored at all.


After about 15 minutes the white box of goodness was given to us.


Check out the bombettes!




The first one I tried was the banana cream.


The donut was so light and not greasy even though you know they were deep fried. The fillings are tasty but not sweet which is great considering the donuts are stuffed full. One bombette is not enough.

Caramel! More like a dulce de leche and definitely home made.



I could not possibly eat all six in one shot, but I HAD to take a taste. One bite from each.

Finished them off for breakfast the next day.

My favorite was Nutella (of course), chocolate peanut butter came in second with apple caramel and banana tied for third. The apple caramel had real apple bits. It was like a little donut apple pie with a dulce de leche surprise.

If you are ever in the Woodbridge area check it out! Dolce Bombe!! =)


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