Taste of the Danforth 2012

Taste of the Danforth is back for another year. This posting is less about the food, although good, but more so about the importance of gatherings like these.

It was a rainy weekend in Toronto, but that did not discourage people from coming down to the Danforth. My first attempt to check out the sites was rained out. I had plans to hang with my friend C and her new addition Baby K. We ended up leaving and having a nice lunch elsewhere, rain free. But see, it was the draw of the Taste of the Danforth that prompted us to make plans for a get together.

Still hurting for some Greek food, I made the trek again Saturday, on my own, to get my fix. I was a bit early for food service, so I took some time to watch life go by. Families with baby strollers, Dogs sniffing hellos, tourists with maps, kids on summer vacation and riding their bikes. I watched as toddlers unwillingly set their red balloons off into the sky, some in tears, some in awe.

20120811-221538.jpgWho said only kids liked balloons?


People testing the grey skies. The grey skies won.

It did not matter that the rain was pelting visitors. The sea of yellow souvenir umbrellas showed that people were here to stay and enjoy. As I stood alone waiting for my favorite gyro maker to open up, I did not feel solitary. Events like the Taste of the Danforth are not held just so that people can eat honey balls. They are held to share a culture and to build a sense of community. They help to bring friends and family together. To unite strangers for a moment in time. These events are important. I may have been standing there alone, but I wasn’t. I was part of something bigger. If only for a short time.



20120811-223949.jpgThe best honey balls come from this booth.


20120811-224218.jpgSpinach and Cheese Pie

20120811-224245.jpg Chicken Gyro from Messini

For a listing of events in Toronto check out City of Toronto Event Listing 2012. =)

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