Mac n’ Cheese, my way

Mac n’ Cheese on the brain as well as on every channel I tuned into lately. I am a marketer’s dream, so easily sold to. Well, I was not about to pick up some of that easy “KD”. I was making Mac n’ cheese, my way.

Key ingredients…

20120826-203746.jpg whole wheat macaroni.

20120826-203806.jpg boneless skinless chicken breast, boiled and shredded.

20120826-203852.jpg spinach, light cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, unsweetened soy milk, tangy Russian mustard, garlic salt and paprika.
So after boiling the pasta and the chicken, it was time to piece the Mac n’ Cheese together.

Everything into the pot. Low heat.



I would like to think this is a nice lighter version of this comfort food. Even though I used soy milk, combined with half the bag of cheese, it made a nice gooey, creamy sauce. The chicken was seasoned with the garlic salt and the Russian mustard adds a nice tanginess to the dish. The wilted spinach gives nice colour and is my veggie component.

Lunch for tomorrow is done =)


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