Foodie Pen Pal Reveal – August

The Lean Green Bean

I am a Foodie Pen Pal. I send a package of fun food treats to someone random and someone sends one to me based on food likes and dislikes, food lifestyle and taking into account any allergies too.

I received a lovely package from Jamie in Manitoba. I love receiving packages!!!




My package included Trident Splash grape orange gum, black olive pesto sauce mix, Alfredo sauce mix – both gluten free, Vega chocolate bar, organic food bar, and Pasta Joy Fettucini style rice noodles. There was also a nice handwritten letter from my pen pal.

I’ve only been able to try the gum so far. Grape is one of my favourite candy flavours so I was a fan immediately. This package is perfect because I’ve been in a pasta eating phase and have been searching for some new sauces that didn’t involve tomatoes or cheese. I cannot wait to try these out for dinner this week!! A bonus is that they are all healthy gluten free or vegan items. Perfect as well since I am trying to get back into healthier eating habits. These items will be great when I start my detox after my CNE Food Fest later today!!

Thanks so much Jamie!!! =)

On the flip side, I sent a package to my Foodie Pen Pal Christina in Edmonton. She was kind enough to write up a little post to talk about the package I sent her. Thanks Christina!! Here it is below:

Hi everyone, my name is Christina and I’m here to share with you the goodies I received from my Foodie Penpal Johanna this month. I had mentioned that I have a slight obsession with tea and coconut and so when I opened my package it was a tea lovers heaven! In it were two coconut-infused teas from David’s teas, a tea shop I’ve been meaning to try, yum! She also sent me Numi decaf black vanilla tea and Stash chocolate hazelnut tea. The tea connoisseur in me had to immediately try the vanilla tea given that it’s my second favourite flavor and it did not disappoint! I added a splash of milk and stevia (suggested by Johanna) and it actually tasted like dessert! Lastly, I received a jar of coconut oil with a card explaining all of the different ways I could use it, other than cooking, so I am excited to try out her suggestions! Who knew coconut could be so versatile! This was my first experience with Foodie Penpals and I’d like to thank Johanna for making it a great one!


I cannot wait for next month!! =)


7 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pal Reveal – August

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      I came across the blog The Lean Green Bean while going thru other blogs and read about the Foodie Pen Pal program. I just thought it would be interesting to try. When I was younger I had tons of pen pals and this was the same thing only better because food is involved.

      There are rules for the program, which you see if you click the link. Ideally there is a $15 limit on what you should spend. And then you just have the postage to think of too. And you don’t have to participate each month either.

      It is really fun to shop for the stuff. I enjoyed it very much. =)

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I will let you know. It will be my first time trying the chocolate. =)

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