Spring Sushi

It was a sushi extravaganza at Spring Sushi Yonge and Dundas square last night. I am a fan of all you can eat places. I will admit that I cannot put all the food away like I used to, but I am still willing to try a new place at least once.

What drew me to try Spring Sushi was the iPad ordering system. That’s right, no waiting for a server to come and take your order. At this place, each table is set up with an iPad complete with full menu. The table can peruse and make selections as food and drink attract. I loved it because we placed an initial order of several items, as they started to come one by one and we ate them, we ordered another round. No need to flag down a busy server and have long gaps between rounds.




20120915-102448.jpg A sake mojito to start. Light and refreshing.

Some appetizers to start – Shrimp and calamari.


20120915-102615.jpg Spicy salmon rolls.

20120915-102727.jpg My favourite of the night – Las Vegas roll. We had a couple orders of this. Crispy fried roll with assorted sashimi, cream cheese, avocado and crab meat inside.




20120915-103003.jpg Mmmmmmm tuna and salmon sashimi.

20120915-103031.jpg Dumplings!

20120915-103049.jpg Lemon Road, a better version of lemonade with a kick.


20120915-103208.jpg Dragon rolls.


20120915-103240.jpg Dessert time. Of course I had ice cream – vanilla and chocolate with deep fried bananas….and a tiramisu on the side.

I absolutely enjoyed this place, even more so over the other all you can eat sushi places I have been to. The atmosphere was so relaxed, with diners made up of young professionals and university students. The decor modern with a lounge feel. We never felt rushed to eat and get out. They even let us sit at the table for almost an hour after we had paid for our meal. The food made it to our table at a good pace and there were no mix ups. The servers were friendly and cleared the tables promptly. Another happy place to add to my list. =)


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