Butter Crust Bread

I feel so blessed to be able to take classes in a subject I love and enjoy so much. Each class, I come away with new ideas and inspiration and tidbits of knowledge that make me a better chef. I am really enjoying my time.

During this week’s class, I could not help but smile as I watched everything come together. It still amazes me how several different items, mixed together can come together and morph into something so amazing.

Building from last week’s class, we expanded the recipe to add eggs, sugar and oil. Anytime sugar or fat is added to bread, it helps bread to last longer and stay moist. Adding an egg will help to make a more cake like, fluffier dough.

We learned how to make buns and shape a loaf. My first loaf was a cinnamon loaf. I rolled out my dough flat and spread a brown sugar and butter concoction all over and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Then I rolled the dough, like a jelly roll almost.

Then just using a metal bench scraper, I split it down the middle and twisted the pieces.

Into the loaf pan and then the oven. This is fresh out of the heat.




Next I made some dinner rolls.

Ideally, a dinner roll should weigh 40g. I think it is a bit obvious that I did not adhere to that measurement. What is that saying…the bigger the better?

Lastly, I made a short baguette and a fougasse. I plan to try making the fougasse again, but adding some olives or even a simple olive oil and rosemary mixture. In case you’re wondering, how we make the lines….a razor blade does the trick.




I am bread rich. =)


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