Nuit Blanche

I am a bit behind with my posts this week. It’s been a little busy, but I will use this Thanksgiving long weekend to play catch up.

Since 2006, Nuit Blanche has been allowing the people of Toronto a chance to spend a night stimulating their senses with some contemporary art. From 7PM to sunrise, thousands wander around downtown for this free all night affair.

Last Saturday, I excitedly made my way downtown to go check out the sights. Dinner first, then wandering.

Ran into these two at a subway station….made my night…best picture ever!!!


Stopped off at Artisano Bakery first for some Gnocchi alla Sorrentina.

20121006-092854.jpg First time trying this. Nicely made, the sauce was terrific. I like my tomato sauces a bit on the sweeter side and this was perfect. I used all that bread to sop up every bit of sauce!

Some of the art and oddities we encountered.




What I loved about this year’s event was the addition of food trucks.




20121006-094059.jpg Coffee Crisp cupcake.

20121006-094240.jpg Yes, it is the Blue Donkey…we know what that means…

20121006-094318.jpg My favourite calamari pita gyro!!!

Tired of the crowds and walking, ended the night off at Hot House Cafe for some mojitos and mushroom crostini.



It was a lively night and the crowd seemed bigger than last year. There was excitement in the air and the city seemed alive. I think a fun night was had by all, including me =)


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