Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

Looking for a contemporary twist on traditional Filipino food? Then you will probably be interested in checking out Lamesa Filipino Kitchen located at Bathurst and Queen.

This intimately set up restaurant caters to their patrons with warm welcomes and smiles and exuberant descriptions of the menu. On this visit, my friends and I decided on the chef’s tasting menu where you can select an appetizer, a main entree and a dessert. An easy way to sample a few items from the kitchen.


First, we began with a drink. For me, a glass of Jean Bousquet Malbec.

20121006-112710.jpg Again, never disappointed with this grape no matter who bottles it.

Selection one from the menu – the halo halo sisig. Pork, chicken and beef with chillies, garlic and onions., Filipino pico de gallo and a fried egg. I selected this in the hopes it would taste like the sisig I had when I visited the Phillipines ages ago. It wasn’t exact but just as good. Full of flavour with great texture. The egg made me think I was eating breakfast. I love breakfast.


Second selection – Ginataan Gulay – squash, eggplant and green beans with coconut milk and purple yam purée.

20121006-114347.jpg These are three of my favourite veggies. My parents usually use them in their home cooking. The beans were crisp and I enjoyed the purée accompaniment.

Some little side tasters.



Dessert time! Seems like the Saging cheesecake was the winner. Basically plantain banana cheesecake with a brown butter polvoron crust. Polvoron is like a shortbread of sorts, usually made with powdered milk, flour, sugar and butter. Sometimes nuts can be added. It is very crumbly and sweet. It’s a Filipino sweet treat.

20121006-115436.jpg The cheesecake was so creamy, almost mousse like with little bites of banana mixed in. So light and a nice way to end the meal.

Yet another enjoyable evening. A good meal with some good peeps. Gotta do that again for sure =)


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