4 Pounds of Pumpkin – Continued

I decided to challenge myself this week and go out of my norm by baking a pumpkin pie. It started with 4 Pounds of Pumpkin and ended up like…


Cleaned them up and into a pot to be steamed until soft.




I wanted a purée, so into the blender went the peeled, soft, cooked pumpkin.


And then strained. Don’t want excess liquid in our filling.


So, while the pumpkin purée drains, I mixed up the rest of the ingredients for the pie filling – brown sugar, salt, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon and egg yolks


I whipped up the egg whites to soft peaks.


At this point the pumpkin purée has let go of much of its liquid, so I then added in the sugar mixture and a can of evaporated milk and whisked it up.


Eggs whites are then folded in.


Here is my pie filling.


Now to make pie crust – did I mention I suck at making dough of any kind? So here goes, whole wheat flour, a little sugar, salt, cold butter and water.



Sigh…the best I could do.

Pre – Oven.


Post – Oven.




So, what I need to work on…making pie crust. Why does this skill elude me? I guess if I make more pies, then I can work on my pie crust skills.

What I loved, my pie filling. So creamy, maybe a bit soft, but we can say it’s delicate. I was worried it would be too sweet, but it was perfectly flavoured I think, no spice was too overwhelming.

I’m still proud of my pie! =)


6 thoughts on “4 Pounds of Pumpkin – Continued

  1. Anything that needs to be rolled out is my nemesis – pastry, fondant, rolled/cutout cookies… I have found that putting a layer of cling wrap on the counter, the dough ball on top of that, with another layer of cling wrap on top (rolling over the top cling wrap layer) is the only way I can get pie dough to work. To get it in the dish, take the top layer of cling wrap off, and invert into the dish. Then peel the bottom (now top) layer off.

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      Thanks for the tips! I also have an issue with getting the right consistency. I either have too little water, too much. Or I work the dough to much so it comes out tough and not flaky. Definitely a work in progress.

  2. J says:

    You might want to half and half your flour, I.e. you half white flour and half whole wheat. All whole wheat makes it very dense and you’re less likely to get the delicious flakiness. I also use lard and not butter. Keep trying! And if you ever need help with the eating I’m always here for you!

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