Sugar Free Whole Wheat Banana Bread

My dad is a diabetic as well as a banana bread fanatic. I will often times make a standard banana bread but omit the sugar or use Splenda instead. I am not a fan of either of these myself. But he seems to like it.

I suppose this would be a healthier version of banana bread, with no oil, butter or sugar involved.

Today’s recipe involved whole wheat flour, unsweetened applesauce, honey, eggs, baking soda and of course bananas. I added some vanilla and a little cinnamon. All mixed up in one bowl by hand.



Can we say quick and easy? In minutes, the batter is poured into a loaf pan and into the oven.


25 minutes later…




For me, I can tell this lacks any sugar, but if a sugar free diet is what you’re on, then you will enjoy this. The applesauce keeps it moist, but it is a dense loaf. I’d omit the cinnamon next time, with nothing really sweet of offset, it does stand out as a strong flavour. I’m way too into sweets to make this a staple in my diet. =)


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