Save Humbertown

Tried out a little sushi restaurant called Daisaku located in Humbertown Shopping Centre near Royal York and Dundas.


Seated in the little room.


Calamari tempura starter.


Bento boxes are so fun to eat. This is the roll box. I wanted spicy salmon rolls and this box had them, so it was evident that this was the bento box to select. Super spicy, super good.


Cute orange ending.


This little shopping plaza was one I used to frequent a lot as a teen. The good old days of Future Bakery coffee and cake late nights. That place is long gone, but my good memories stay locked in. I was troubled to find out that there are discussions to develop a condo and retail project where this mall stands. Hi-lights of the proposal are:

a 40% increase in retail space (from 111,000 square feet to 160,000 square feet)
a 250% increase in office space
an addition of 650 – 700 new condominium units (in five new high-rise buildings up to 210′ or 21 storeys tall)
a 180% increase in parking (from 500 current above-ground spaces to 1,400 spaces, most underground)
a 660% increase in total floor space (from 129,000 square feet to 877,200 square feet).

Why would a quiet neighbourhood need to be transformed into a mini metropolis? I simply see no need for this type of large scale development and it appears that many others feel the same.

There have been various meetings to discuss and hopefully this can be stopped.

Check out Save Humbertown for more information and updates.


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