Fresh Rolls And Pumpkin Spice

Lucky me, went out with my best eating buddy M. I am so grateful to have a decent selection of places to eat so close to where I live.

On this night we started our mini food fest at Fresh Rolls which specializes in Thai Vietnamese fusion food. I am no stranger to this establishment, periodically visiting for some Thai tamarind soup or chicken Panang.

I opted for the Crispy Spinach with Chicken.

20121020-100342.jpg Fried spinach in a combination of peanut butter, baby corn, snap peas, zucchini, onion & bamboo shoot, served w/ Jasmine Rice. The spinach has a sweet bite to it. Big pieces of chicken and veggies. A savoury way to enjoy peanut butter.

Next, off to my beloved Spin Dessert Cafe to see what October’s feature menu brings. Hint, think orange.

Thriller Crepe


20121020-103811.jpg Baseball sized scoop of pumpkin spice ice cream in a crepe with graham crumbs, white chocolate swirl and hot caramel.


20121020-104248.jpg mmmmm caramel.

Yet another good night of food fun =)

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