Bier Markt – Schnitzel, Schnitzel, Schnitzel…

Bier Markt is a place I always enjoy going to. Not only a great place to try out over 100 beer brands from over 24 countries, but you can grab a tasty meal and hear some live music.

Started the night with a Fruli-Politan – Fruli strawberry wheat ale, Smirnoff raspberry vodka and fresh lime.

20121020-113654.jpg Fruli is one of my favourite beers. Yes, it’s strawberry, fruity and totally girly, but I love it. This drink was just another way to enjoy it.

Bier Markt is celebrating Oktoberfest and has a created a special menu but I selected a meal available on the regular menu which I feel has expanded and improved over the years.

20121020-181545.jpg Markt Schnitzel. Schnitzel. Schnitzel. I like that word. Schnitzel. Ok I’m done. Panko crusted veal cutlet, grilled asparagus, Yukon mash, tomato jam, lemon caper emulsion and veal reduction.

Ridiculous portion, I barely touched the mashed potatoes. The cutlet had a nice crisp to it because of the panko and wasn’t greasy. The caper sauce and veal reduction were nice complements. The asparagus…mini trees. Such a filling meal.

Give me some time and a menu and I will read it all. Came across some funny names in the beer menu. I became fully intrigued with a Canadian craft beer called Flying Monkey Smashbomb Atomic IPA


An amber haze. The smell was enticing and pleasing – citrusy notes – grapefruit and other tropical fruits. As the waiter told me, it’s a very “in your face” kind of beer. He wasn’t kidding. A bitter finish – grapefruit, pine, lemon. Can we say hops? Not normally the kind of beer I’d gravitate to, but I kept drinking. I enjoyed its lightness. I think I’d enjoy this on a hot day.

Despite the big main entree and alcoholic beverages, I surprisingly still had room for dessert. They make all their desserts in house with a full time pastry crew on staff. This means freshness. No boxed cakes here.


Lemon tart. Lemon creme, shortbread crust with French vanilla ice cream. A nice finish to the entire meal. The creme was creamy, more sweet than tart but tasted so nice when eaten with a dollop of the vanilla ice cream. I absolutely loved the little container the ice cream was served in! It was perfect.

So excited that a new Bier Markt location has opened right across the street from me. Should I want to repeat this meal again, I don’t have to go far. =)


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