White Chocolate Raspberry Squares

Baking Tunes:
Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
I know you care – Ellie Goulding
Locked out of heaven – Bruno Mars
Get Free – Major Lazer ft. Amber Coffman

This baking adventure comes from a rejection of the chocolate brownies I made last week and a request for a white chocolate version. I suppose they couldn’t be called white chocolate brownies, so I’ll call them my white chocolate squares with raspberry. Not sure why I’m in the mood to use raspberry so much these days.

Double boiler, butter and white chocolate, melting them together.


Meanwhile, in the mixer, brown sugar and 2 eggs, beating them on the highest speed.


By now, the chocolate is melted. Vanilla and almond extract is added.

Then this mixture, plus flour and baking soda is added to the egg mixture. I then mixed by hand.

Batter into the baking pan.

Time for the raspberry.

This is post oven. Golden.


Sliced up into squares.

I can taste the almond flavour, even though I added such a small amount. I am a fan of almond flavoured cakes. The squares a bit dense because of the eggs and not too crumbly, similar to a pound cake. I like the raspberry sweetness, plus the colour contrast is pretty nice. =)

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