Bread Class #5 – Chop Suey Bread

When you think chop Suey, what comes to mind? If you are thinking a mish mash of ingredients, you are correct. This bread recipe takes everything we learned about form and throws it out the window.

Some of the ingredients that make up the “chop suey”.

Raisins, citrus peel, walnuts, eggs.

The fruit mixture was dumped on top of our bread dough and we chopped up the dough to mix. I won’t lie, it really does not look appetizing in this form.

Now, the dough can be made into a loaf or individual buns. I decided to make the individual buns using muffin tins.

After baking, this is what we have.

Definitely looks better baked.

Chop suey bread is a terrific breakfast bread. The citrus peel and raisins add a nice sweetness and the cinnamon smell is enticing. =)


3 thoughts on “Bread Class #5 – Chop Suey Bread

    • Hi There
      I’m sorry, I’m not one to reproduce recipes on my blog. I am not a recipe creator nor do I want to re-type recipes that can be easily found online. There is an amazing selection of recipes online that we all can use and tweak with our own individual touch.
      My goal is to only show a process and share my experiences in baking and cooking.
      I thank you for reading and hope you continue to visit my blog.

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