Sourdough Starter – Stan’s Alive!!!!

Mwahahaha!! It’s alive!!! Stan is alive!!!

He’s bubbling and doubling in size.


He’s outgrown his little bowl, so I have moved him into a new one. Time to feed him.


All wrapped up and back to bed for Stan.


He’s a little stinky and looks like oatmeal. But all that matters is that he’s alive. =)


7 thoughts on “Sourdough Starter – Stan’s Alive!!!!

  1. Hi. Looks amazing. I was just wondering where you sourced the starter. Did you make it from scratch or did someone give it to you? I’d love to have a go at making sourdough bread. yum. I’m laughing. I have just finished feeding my Hermann the German Sourdough Cake starter which was given to me this weekend. Greedy Hermann has just outgrown his bowl too. And he isn’t due to visit the oven until Sunday! Hope he doesnt overrun my kitchen.

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      Hermann the German! Terrific name!!! I started my starter from scratch. 200g of flour (mix of whole wheat and bread flour) and 200g of warm water. Covered with a towel. Let him sit in the dark. Stan started to bubble and in 2 days exploded as expected. Today was his first feeding. Sunday is d-day for making my sourdough, so I need to grow him a bit more.
      I was worried this morning about him overtaking his bowl. I didn’t have time to move him. But he stayed within. I’m trying to get used to the smell though.

      • Thanks for that. I was going to go down to our local sourdough bakery,Sonoma, and beg for some starter but will try yours. I posted the Hermann the German story on my blog yesterday with feeding and baking instructions.. You could probably sweeten up Stan with a bit of sugar and transform him into a Hermann. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I made a sponge the other day for 2 loaves of whole wheat bread. Looked very similar to Stan, but the sponge was only around for an hour before it got kneaded into dough. A very low maintenance kitchen friend!

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