Bread Making Ain’t for Sissies!

Today I made some sourdough loaves using my sourdough starter named Stan.

The ingredients for today were simple – bread flour, salt, and sourdough starter. Because we were pressed for time we made a yeast slurry to help with the proofing.

20121104-203313.jpg Measuring out starter, a mix of Stan and another named Carol. Along with the other ingredients, they went into the mixer to be mixed.

The dough was wet, which is to be expected. Depending on your starter, the consistency of the dough can vary. Our dough was so wet, it expanded but was very sticky and hard to handle.

When we were trying to shape the dough, we had some issues getting the dough to keep their shapes after putting them into the plastic banneton proofing basket similar to this:

We didn’t flour them enough and because our dough was really wet, it was just a sticky mess. But not to worry, the easy fix was to add more flour until it was less wet and re-shape the dough in well floured bannetons and allow to proof again.

We slashed the loaves and into the steam oven to bake. Drum roll please…



My bread teacher wasn’t kidding when she told me bread making wasn’t for sissies. I was a little panicked trying to fix our dough and I really had no reason to be. Despite our dough issues, the sourdough loaves turned out amazing!! Terrific crust, soft, slightly sour inside. Stan, you make a good bread! =)



4 thoughts on “Bread Making Ain’t for Sissies!

    • Sweet Spell Baking Chick says:

      definitely, if only for the experience of trying and learning. i’m not so sure i’m going to keep Stan around for any sourdough baking in the near future, but I do know now what to look for when I want to create a new “Stan”.

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