Foodie Pen Pals Reveal – October

The Lean Green Bean

For Foodie Pens Pals – October, I was paired up with a fellow Ontarian named April and I had the pleasure of picking up some goodies to send to her. Since April does not blog herself, she was kind enough to write up a guest post for me to put up on my blog. So here it is…

October was my very first time doing foodie penpal! I was lucky enough to be paired up with Johanna!
When I received my package I was pleasantly suprised. I received it on a Monday and it totally made my day.. my week even!!! She sent me these homemade gluten free brownies! They were INCREDIBLE!!!! I shared them (nice of me eh??) with my husband, whom happens to be the biggest Chocoholic that I know… He was quite impressed!
I then wanted to save some for another friend that is gluten free but lives in Boston. I didnt want them to spoil so I tossed one in the freezer. Even AFTER being frozen and thawed they were still AMAZING!!!! I have yet to try and re create them. She was nice enough to send me the recipe! AND some of the ingredients!
OK.. enough of the brownies.. onto the other things! I ate these awesome Pocky treats! I only tried the chocolate ones so far.. and they were delish! Ive seen them in the store, but never thought to buy them!
I also received some halls and some fishermans friend. WHICH totally just came in handy this past week! Because of course, I came down with a horrible cold 😦 These are definately helping 🙂

All in all, so thankful I had an amazing first experience. Thanks Johanna! 🙂


Thank you April for sending me this post and I am happy you enjoyed the box of goodies. =)


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