Beer and Cheese

Did you know that cheese and beer go well together? Sometimes making a better pairing than cheese and wine. Check out this article for some tips.

In part of today’s class we made cheese bread and Chef suggested we use beer as the liquid instead of water. The cheeses we used were Swiss and cheddar.

To complement, I went with Weihenstephaner – (that’s a mouthful) – a German Hefe Weissbier. “Hefe” means yeast (this helps in the leavening of the bread), “Weizen” means wheat and a Hefeweizen is a top fermented, unfiltered, bottle conditioned wheat beer with a noticeable yeast sediment and a cloudy appearance.

We made a yeast slurry with half water and the rest beer. Then mixed the dough per the norm, except adding the grated cheese near the end of mixing.


The dough ball proofed for about half an hour and then was divided and put into well greased loaf pans.


20121111-194211.jpg I decided to add some thyme to my dough and create a soft twist.
Here they are fresh from the oven.





The bread was so delicate and soft. I could not wait to tear into it. It smelled of thyme, so awesome.

20121111-194707.jpg I made a simple sandwich with Genoa salami and Swiss cheese. I swore I’d stop eating cheese (health reasons), but I could not resist this week. Definitely my best and favourite bread of this semester. So good =)


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